React Styleguidist

Getting Started with React Styleguidist

1. Install Styleguidist

  1. Install Styleguidist and peer dependencies from npm:

    npm install --save-dev react-styleguidist react react-dom webpack
  2. Point Styleguidist to your React components

  3. Tell Styleguidist how to load your code

Webpack is a peer dependency but your project doesn’t have to use it. Styleguidist works with webpack 1 and webpack 2.

If you’re using Create React App you only need this:

npm install --save-dev react-styleguidist webpack

2. Add npm scripts for convenience (optional)

Add these scripts to your package.json:

  "scripts": {
    "styleguide": "styleguidist server",
    "styleguide:build": "styleguidist build"

3. Start your style guide

Run npm run styleguide to start style a guide dev server.

Run npm run styleguide:build to build a static version.

4. Start documenting your components

See how to document your components

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